How big are whales when they are born?



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    What kind of whale are we talking about? The Beluga whale is about 4-5 feet long when born. Blue whales come out at 25 feet long, already weighing 6-8 tons! Bowhead whales emerge at 17 feet long, weighing around 5 or 6 tons. Humpback whales emerge at 14 feet in length, weighing 2.5 tons. Lastly, orcas (also known by the misnomer of the “killer whale”) are 6.5-8 feet long at birth, weighing around 400lbs. Quite a bit of variation!

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    Baby whale calves vary in size depending on the species, but the largest baby whales are blue whale calves, which can weigh about 2,700 kg and reach a length of 7 meters. In contrast, the smallest whale calves are born to dwarf sperm whale, measuring only 1 meter at birth.

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