How big are walrus?



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    Male Pacific walruses weigh about 1,764-3,748 lbs and are about 9-12 ft. long. Female Pacific walruses weigh about 882-2,756 lbs and are about 7.5-10 ft. long.

    Atlantic walruses are slightly smaller with males weighing about 2,000 lbs and reaching lengths 9.5 ft. Females weigh about 1,750 lb and reach lengths of 8 ft.

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    A Pacific Walrus male can weigh up to 3,700 pounds and can reach 12 feet in length.  The females usually weigh up to 2,700 pounds and reach 10 feet in length.

    Atlantic Walruses are slightly smaller than their Pacific counterparts.  Males can weigh up to 2000 pounds and can be 9.5 feet long.  Females can reach 1,750 pounds and 8 feet in length.

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    Male pacific walruses weigh between 3000-4000 lbs, and get up to 14 ft long from head to tail. Their tusks can grow 3 ft in span. Female walruses weigh 800-3000 lbs, and get 10 ft long.

    Male atlantic walruses weigh between 2000-2500 lbs, and get 10 ft long. Female atlantic walruses weigh up to 1700 lbs, and get 8 ft long.

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