How big are snow leopards?



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    They are 39-51″ (around 3-4′) in body length, with tails almost as long as their body, and they weigh around 60-120 lbs. They’re smaller than many other big cats.

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    Snow leopards are moderatively large cats that are native to the mountain ranges of Central and South Asia. While they are smaller than the other big cats, they are still fiersome creatures that can vary in weight and size. Snow leopards generally weigh between 60 – 120 pounds and their body lengths range from 30 – 50 inches, with a tail of nearly the same length.



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    Snow leopards are about 4-5 feet in length, and weigh between 60-120 pounds. One distinguishing characteristic is their very long tails, which are about 3 feet on their own, used for balance and to keep important body parts warm in their frigid environment. They have powerful legs which give them the ability to jump far distances, walk on large, fur-covered paws, and are completely covered in thick hair for warmth. Wild snow leopards are an extremely rare sight.

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