How big are seahorses?



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    There are about 35 different species of seahorse. They can range in size from less than 1.5 centimeters to about 35 centimeters, or 14 inches, long. Seahorses are so unique not only because of their interesting appearance but because they mate for life and they are among the only species where the male bears young.

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    On average, seahorses are about .6 to 14 inches long. They have a small fin located on their backs which help to propel them through the water, as they are not very good swimmers. Behind their heads they have even smaller pectoral fins which allow them to steer through the water. Seahorses use their tails to attach themselves to coral so as to not drift, and have long snouts to suck in food as it floats by. Below is an image of their size relative to a teacup for comparison.

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