How big are sea snakes?



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    Sea snakes can grow to be up to about 3 feet (roughly 2 meters) long. There are many types of sea snakes, and they belong to the cobra family. They generally like fish (obviously, since they live in the ocean), but their venom is highly potent and can kill several people with just a few drops.

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    The adult sea snakes (for most species) grows to between 4-5 feet in length, with the largest sea snake is almost 10 feet long!

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    On average, the 30-50 various types of sea snakes throughout the world grow to be about 2 meters in length. Their flat tails work like a boat propeller to help them swim faster through the water, and special flaps cover their nostrils when submerged (despite being water animals, they do have to come up for air). A relative of the cobra family, the sea snake is generally dark colored on the top of their body and light colored underneath to help better blend in with their surroundings. Occasionally they are marked with rings around their bodies as well.

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