How big are orangutans?



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    Orangutans very in size based on their sex.

    Male orangutans range in size between 3.2-4.5ft (1-1.4m), and average 200lb in weight.

    Female orangutans are between 2.6-3.5ft (0.8-1.1m) tall and average 110lbs.

    Orangutans are about 2/3 the size of a gorilla.

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    Orangutans are Asia’s largest primates. Males are typically larger than females, standing at about four and a half feet tall and weighing between 130-200 pounds. Females are approximately four feet tall and weigh between 90-110 pounds. Orangutans kept in a zoo, however, usually weigh more. The primates also have a considerably wide arm span. Males can stretch their arms seven feet (two meters), fingertip to fingertip.

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