How big are moles?



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    Moles are about the size of chipmunks and can weigh anywhere from three to six ounces. They can grow to be six to eight inches.

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    The Eastern mole is the most common mole and can be 6 to 8 inches long and weigh 6-8 ounces. But it can exert a lateral digging force equivalent to 32 times its own weight. 

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    The common male mole, or talpa europaea, referring to the breed pervasive throughout Great Britain, the rest of Europe, and Asia, is typically about six inches in length from head to foot. Females are generally slightly smaller. The tail adds another 32mm to the mole’s overall length. Most moles weigh around 120g, with females once again at the smaller end of the scale.

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    While all this is true of the standard mole, the largest mole is the semi-aquatic Russian desman which can be up to over 8 inches long and weigh over a pound.

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