How big are lion prides?



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    A lion pride can consist of 3 to 30 lions.

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    Lions are predatory carnivores that live in prides both for protection and to hunt prey more efficiently. Prides usually consist of five or six related females, their cubs, and one or two males that rule the pride. The males that rule the pride are the only males that will reproduce with the females within the pride and will ward off other males attempting to enter their territory. There have been recorded numbers of prides reaching up to 30 individuals.


    The Asiatic lion, which now only reside in the Gir Forests of India have smaller prides compared to their African cousins. Smaller in size and stature, Asiatic lion prides are usually comprised of 2 -3 lionesses and their young. Unlike the prides in Africa, the male lion plays a less pivotal role within them. The male lions only interact with the female lions to reproduce and male lions play relatively no role in raising their young.

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