How big are fire ant colonies?



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    Ant colonies are always impressive in both size and ability. There is a such a great range. Some of the largest colonies of ants found today are made up of Argentine Ants but fire ants also come out in impressive number. A fire ant colony, which is made up of a traditional set of roles (queen and drones) can reach up to sizes of 200,000 plus. But, as mentioned before, colonies can come in a wide range of numbers. These are pretty crazy creatures.

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    A fire ant colony can contain several hundred to several thousand members depending on the age of the colony. An average colony can produce about 4,500 reproductives a year. Reproductives are ants able to work and reproduce. Meanwhile, a colony may have 10 to 100 or more queens, each about to lay 1000-1600 eggs a day for up to 7 years.

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