How is Ben & Jerry’s planning to utilize factory waste to produce energy?



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    Ben & Jerry’s is a division of British-Dutch Unilever conglomerate. Unilever made plans earlier this year to construct a bio-digester that will convert the waste products from ice cream production and provide for 40% of the factory’s green energy requirements. The biodigester utilizes natural micro-organisms that eat waste products and convert them into biogas. Operations for this plan were expected to begin this year.

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    There is a Ben & Jerry’s factory in the Netherlands that is going to be powered by ice cream waste such as milk, cream, syrup and pieces of fruit. A bio-digester will be used to do this, which will use 24 quadrillion natural micro-organisms to “eat” waste products and convert them to biogas. This bio-digester is unique in that both oil and fat can be treated and digested in a single compact reactor.

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