How badly will the marine life be effected by the oil in the Gulf?

Will the marine life know to stay away? I wonder if they are keeping away from danger and if they will all be ok.



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    Even if the marine life stays away from the visible oil, the surrounding waters are being heavily contaminated with chemicals.  The fish’s gills are sucking up toxins, and the fish don’t even know it.  

    Also I’m sure have seen the pictures of the wildlife with the oil drenched bodies. This is a complete travesty, and I am hoping that this is a wake-up call to the world. 

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    The White House claims the true impact of the oil spill on the surrounding ecosystems could take months or even years to emerge. Right now the oil is seeping into marine and bird nurseries. At least 491 birds, 227 turtles, and 27 mammals have been found dead on the US Gulf coast. 

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      The white house did not say that the true impact of the oil spill on the surrounding ecosystems could take months or even years to emerge direcly.

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    The truth is the oil spill is going to completely devastate the wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico.  We have already drastically altered the state of the Gulf of Mexico with the hypoxic dead zone at the mouth of the Mississippi and this will certainly do nothing to create a better environment for the wildlife.  Even if the larger birds, turtles, and mammals are able to avoid the actual oil slick, most of their prey cannot.  Therefore they are ingesting oil and its toxins nearly every time they eat.  It is thought that the ingestion of the poisons is actually one of the greatest threats to the larger animals.  Dolphins, whales, and seals have been shown to avoid oil slicks when previous incidents have happened, i.e. the Exxon Valdez.  

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    A large consequence of the oil spill may be its effect on the marshes and tidal estuaries of the gulf coast.  If oil begins to wash in, it will coat the various marsh grasses and habitats that wildlife depends on for survival.  These ecosystems will be devastated, especially because they are far harder to clean up than a rocky shore like the valdez spill.  

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    I think that the oil spill did really affect the environment alot because it kills our fish, dolphins, and any living thing or animal in the water of the gulf of Mexico.

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