How bad was bedazzling for the environment?



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    I can’t find a source for the environmental impact of the Bedazzler, so this is just an educated guess. The main problem with bedazzling would come from the manufacturing of the materials: plastic products are made from fossil fuels like petroleum, and, especially in the ’80s, probably left a pretty big carbin footprint from their manufacture. The Bedazzler also comes in many parts, and all the extra packaging would typically end up in a landfill.

    It’s not all bad, though. The Bedazzler uses a pretty efficient stud system, so it probably prevented people from using toxic glues. The idea behind it is to turn old and boring clothing into something new and exciting, and reusing things like clothes is even more energy-efficient than recycling. And if you pick up an old Bedazzler today, this is another form of reuse, keeping it from ending up in the trash.

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