How bad is polystyrene?



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    Well it definitely has some detractors, like it is not biodegradable and is not susceptible to photolysis – which is a chemical reaction in which a chemical bond is broken down. In its foam form it blows in the air and floats on the water which allows it to spread very easily. “According to the California Coastal Commission, it is now a principal component of marine debris.” It is also not very healthy for animals to eat. Extruded polystyrene (EPS) is made using HCFC which has the potential to be a 1000 times more harmful to the ozone than carbon dioxide. “While there is less concern about the health effects of EPS itself, the brominated flame retardants used in most EPS foam create health and environmental risks that are generating even more significant concern. In 2009, a company designed a potential environmentally friendly replacement for polystyrene packaging created from fungi and agricultural waste, which it calls Acorn.” It is recyclable carrying with it the the number 6, in the very familiar triangular recyclable symbol just for PS. Although the majority of “polystyrene products are not recycled because of a lack of consumer awareness regarding suitable recycling facilities and collection methods.”

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