How bad is the pacific garbage patch?



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    If I could summon the word with the most negative denotation I would, and it still wouldn’t summarize how awful the Pacific garbage patch is. It is twice the size of Texas…. The North pacific Gyre is located between the US and China, and mostly consists of plastic. The plastic is 80% land based, with the other 20% coming from sea vessels. The plastic itself, begins to break down after a year in the water, but stays as a polymer. In some places the concentration of plastic is greater than that of zooplankton. These plastics not only affect the wildlife that inhabit these waters, but also is altering the chemistry of the sea by leaving remnants of the toxic chemicals that are used to manufacture plastic.

    There are a few cleanup efforts beginning to organize, such as the Project Kaisei. Let us hope that they are successful and begin quickly, so there is not permanent damage done to the ecosystem.

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