How bad is ocean acidification currently?



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    At the current rate the ocean is experiencing acidification due to CO2 in the water, by 2100 most of the coral reefs around the entire world could be almost gone due to the levels of CO2.

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    In terms of figures, ocean acidification does not appear to be a huge problem, the pH of the oceans has only changed from 8.179 to 8.104, a change of −0.075 since 1750. This may seem like a fraction of a percent, but even this tiny change can affect the formation of plankton and algae, which make up the base of the marine food web. Additionally, pH changes are very dangerous to fish and aquatic organisms like coral, which are extremely susceptible to changes in pH. As a result, scientists have seen a reduction in the growth of coral as well as a smaller levels of fish and other sensitive organisms.

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