How bad is global warming going to get?



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    No one can tell, at this point. Unfortunately, experts say there are at least a few more degrees of warming “built into the system” at this point, which is to say even if we stopped all carbon emissions and greenhouse gas pollution now, the planet would continue to get warmer for a year or two (or maybe more) before it started to cool down.

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    The Copenhagen summit made steps towards reducing future global warming by having countries agree that average temperatures should not go up more than 2.5 degrees of what they are now (in order to do this, massive carbon emissions and switches from fossil fuels to renewable energy will be necessary, although nothing else was specified).

    The year that is most often targeted as a date to have global warming capped by is 2050. It is far enough away that we do not need to rush into policy that doesn’t work, but it is soon enough that real “green” changes should become evident to the general population in the near future.

    How bad global warming will get depends on how quickly we can come up with a good plan for global environmental regulation / law that all countries (particularly the powerful ones but also developing nations and third world countries) can agree on. 

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