How is mining bad for the environment?



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    For one, it is estimated to produce about twice as much hazardous waste as all other activities combined. For example, companies have been draining acid into nearby streams and rivers (which puts the health of all the animals who drink from them at risk.)

    Mining can also destroy ecosystems as it leaves so little of the original left that it is unable to rebuild itself.

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    Perhaps the most destructive type of mining is what is called “mountain top removal mining.” In this practice, entire mountains prospected to have valuable mineral deposits have their entire tops, just as the name eludes to, completely removed. This not only defaces the land, but the trucks and machinery needed for such operations produce immense amounts of emissions and many dangerous chemicals from the mining process leech into nearby rivers, streams and aquifers. Additionally, many poor and indigenous peoples have had their lands stolen and defiled in this manner, many in third world countries.

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    Historically, he most destructive type of mining is that which goes unchecked by regulatory bodies.  

    Mining has an environmental impact, as does all human activity.  Mining of minerals and similar bodies must continue if a continued and expanding quality of life is to be expected- mining is wholly and absolutely necessary for the greater good.   

    It’s a reality- If it cannot be grown, it must come out of the earth.  Copper doesn’t come from trees, nor does aluminum come from grass.  We type on our computers, and myriad minerals allow us this privilege.  

    We exploit the land as a civilization.  The developed, and developing world, needs to find ways to mitigate our impact.  But we need to mine.


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