How bad are surfboards for the environment?



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    Surfboards are bad for the environment. The good news is that surfboard manufacturers are trying to make them more green. The problem lies in the treatment of the Polyurethane Foam with toxic chemicals. The foam makeup of surfboards emits VOCs into the atmosphere when the foam is being treated.I have attached an article in the citation below for your further reading. 

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    Surfboards themselves are primarily made up of petroleum based products and are no where near being called “green.” Standard boards have been made out of polyurethane foam (PU) and polyester resin with a fiber glass cloth. Everything starts as a clean natural product until it is run through a very toxic chemical bath. There are some companies that are working towards the creation of green boards such as Aviso. Aviso surfboards are safe for the environment and use both carbon fiber, high density closed foam and epoxy based resins. The carbon fiber is a non flammable material that is stable in the environment and the high density closed foam process is environmentally sound not including sanding or the use of negligible VOC, and epoxy bases resins are more environmentally friendly then polyester resins and also emit a low VOC. Epoxy boards have been around almost as long as PU boards, but only recently have become more popular with their beaded coffee cup style which expands beads (EPS) are slightly better for the environment.

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