How bad are ski resorts for the environment?



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    Not very. There has been lots of discussion around this topic and people trying to make ski resorts out to be environmental enemies, but they just really are not. When a ski resort is created it does disrupt the mountain habitat and does removed trees where the paths are going to be. There just really aren’t that many new resorts though. And some resorts, like some of those in Colorado and the resorts in Chile and Argentina in the Andes, are located at such high locations that they are actually above the tree line. So they do displace natural habitats, but are not a growing epidemic. Lifts run off electricity and some even use solar power. Many ski resorts have extensive recycling programs and use recycled/biodegradable products. Part of skiing and snowboarding is appreciating the outdoors and is not trying to harm it.

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    You need to read downhill slide by Hal Clifford.

    “There just really aren’t that many new resorts though” thats not true when they first started they were really bad. just read the article

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