How bad are lighters for the environment?



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    “A typical lighter releases about 237 milligrams of carbon dioxide per minute.” If 1000 people conducted a lighter salute, “they would collectively release about 1.2 kilograms of CO2. Compare that with the 12,200 kilograms a typical power plant produces in a minute.” The only byproducts of burning the butane from our lighters are water and carbon dioxide. In such small amounts, these are harmless to the environment and also harmless for you to breathe in while lighting up. So in essence, using those pocket lighters aren’t all that bad as compared to our other activities that have much greater negative effects on our environment. But of course, the production of these lighters is another story. The plastic used to make these lighters may add up so instead of disposable ones perhaps it would be a good option to switch to refillable metal ones.

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