How bad is air travel for the environment?



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    A study conducted for Town & Country Planning Magazine in 1996 estimates that a single transatlanctic flight generates as much CO2 as all other CO2 sources used by a person in one year.  This leads to the estimation that air travel may be responsible for up to 30% of the effects caused by greenhouse gases.  One reason that air travel has such a dramatic effect is becuase of where they fly, which allows them to directly deposit CO2 into the upper atmosphere.  25%-30% of nitrogen oxide emissions in the troposhere can be attributed to airplanes.

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    Air travel is actually much worse than you might even think.  As far as travel pollution, aircraft accounts for one half of it.  This is huge considering the comparison of number of planes compared to cars on the road.  One jet taking off can unload thousands of gallons of fuel. 

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