How is Australia planning on having 100% renewable energy by 2020?



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    The 100% renewable energy goal by 2020 would require capital investment equivalent to 3.5% of gross domestic product (GDP) over the decade. The full report will be released later this year(2010). The way the scientists will do this is by concentrating solar thermal with storage and wind generation Natural gas and fossil-based transport is also phased out and replaced by transport that relies on renewable and green power, with small use of biofuels in rural areas and emergency services.

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    For starters, Australia is working on increasing its renewable energy output by 20% by 2020, cutting its greenhouse emissions by 5-25%. The ZCA (Zero Carbon Australia) plan outlines that it is possible for Australia to be powered completely by renewable energy in the next decade, but the “official” goal is 20%, not 100%.

    Australia is currently the largest exporter of coal and has the highest emissions per capita in the developed world. Australia plans to not open any more coal processing plants in the future to support their renewable energy plan.

    The plan to move to renewable energy in Australia has several components. Australia recently announced that it has set aside $652 million ($588 million USD) in funding for renewable energy programs. This funding was added to a $5.1 billion clean energy initiative. Australia

    Australia currently has the best resources for solar energy in the world, and hopes to improve their solar program through the use of concentrating solar thermal, or CST, towers which can operate at 60-100% of capacity throughout 90% of the day. CST towers provide readily available power around the clock.

    When Australia is experiencing less sunny conditions during the cloudy winter months, hydroelectric and biomass renewable energy resouces will serve as backup power. Australia is also expanding its wind program.

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