How are we working to keep wind power from killing bats?



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    Wind energy companies are doing whatever it takes to find a fix for this terrible issue of bats dieing from barotrauma. One proposed method to reduce bat fatalities is to shut the wind turbines off during periods of low winds or when bats may be present. They have tried doing this and it appears to work with an estimated 1-2% drop in kilowatts production and a 72% drop in bat mortality. It may not seem like much but it translates to 70-90,000 $USD loss per year for every 1% reduction in output. It does affect the bottom line for these companies but if this solution helps new wind farms spring up then it is a good solution. No other study has been published or an idea announced to reduce bat mortalities. That is not to say that somewhere out there they aren’t working on it. As pure speculation, there may be a way to lure bats out of the area with lighting. In conclusion there is no perfect source of energy out there, but wind appears to have the least negative effects; sorry bats.

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