How are we working to create a sustainable tuna population?



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    Sadly, government regulations on tuna are not helping the populations. The quotas that are currently set are extremely high and could still lead to the extinction of the bluefin. 

    Some individuals and organization are fighting for the tuna though. Sea Shepherd, who you may know from Discovery’s “Whale Wars”, has been performing Operation Blue Rage, an effort to stop tuna overfishing. The Sea Shepherds are actively fighting to stop overfishing and put themselves in harms way to save as many fish as they can. 

    The World Wildlife Federation also has a huge amount of information available to inform the public of the dangers of tuna overfishing.

    Due to the extreme popularity of tuna the fishing has not slowed and actually continues to grow. Being a conscious consumer of tuna is important. Make sure you are eating species not endangered and ask questions about where the fish is coming from. 

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