How are we using cell phone apps for the environment?



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    There are multiple iPhone applications that can calculate your carbon footprint (Clear Standards Carbon Tracker), find green businesses (3rd Whale), even find local food (What’s Fresh). There are a few more at the link below. Happy hunting! 🙂

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    Two eco apps that I use are the “GoodGuide” and “Label Lookup”; The GoodGuide lets you look up environmental, social, and health ratings for a wide range of consumer products. Label Lookup scores the credibility of various eco labels and tells you what they mean.

    Both very useful when you’re out grocery shopping.

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    I enjoy the “treehugger” iPhone app to keep up with environmental news. One can be informed within the hour when something green related has occurred. It’s also a great way to surf around and keep up with new technology that is being developed.

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