How are we trying to save our biodiversity?



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    Biodiversity preservation efforts differ by area and government. China, for instance, has been making great gains in preserving biodiversity. China’s forests are being converted on a vast level to organic agriculture but the country recognizes the need to preserve biodiversity in its forests. Australia, for its own part, has been striving to make efforts at preserving biodiversity since it is home to 7% of the world’s species. It has succeeded in getting several species off its endangered and threatened list in the last few years. These are just a few examples since there isn’t any global-wide action going on to preserve biodiversity. In general, helping protect specific species and the habitats of many species (like forests and coral reefs) is the main way to help protect biodiversity. 

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    International organizations maintain an endangered species list to make sure that extinction doesn’t happen. So many species have been lost to overhunting, overfishing and destroyed habitat. It is thought that in the Amazon rainforest, one of the most biologically diverse places on earth, over one hundred species of plant and animal life go extinct everyday because of deforestation. Despite these losses many species on the verge of extinction have been saved because of the endangered species list. Once a species is listed necessary precautions are taken to ensure its survival; it becomes protected.

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