How are we solving today’s energy crisis?



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    There are many things our communities, people, and government is doing to try to remedy the energy crisis, including finding alternative energy sources like hydrogren, solar, and wind power. We are also setting better standards for contructions, such as LEED standard buildings to help save energy and reduce waste in the process. People are also trying to be more conscious about recycling in their own home as well as keeping an eye on water use and conservation. Efforts are pouring in from everywhere in many different ways.

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    As stated above, people are doing many different things to improve our energy situation. I wouldn’t go so far as to say we’re solving it yet, though. We’ll have to wait and see whether legislation will be truly sufficient to eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels. Mainly this will focus on the supply side – using renewable energy like solar and wind. However, the energy we don’t use we don’t need to manufacture. Therefore, focusing on conservation and energy efficiency is the most cost efficient path we can take.

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