How are we making sure that kids are eating enough in America?



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    I do not think that kids not eating enough is a problem here. What we need to be worrying about what they eat. With American kids having such high obesity rates, this is becoming a real problem. Kids are fed lunch, and sometimes breakfast at most schools, so it is in part the schools responsibility to make sure that the kids have healthy options. 

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    If these kids are eating the Standard American Diet – than it truely is a SAD situation.  Most North AMerican children eat too much food that is low in nutrients, so this does not satisfy thier hunger and may cause them to overeat.  We need to feed them whole foods, grown locally and organically to ensure they get even close to what their grwoing bodies need.  Unfortunatley many children will need to supplement their diet with vitamins, minerals and especially essential fatty acids, which are often missing from the majority of packaged foods on the grocery shelves today.  Feeding your children a balance diet of lean protein, complex carbohydrates and good fats is the key.

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    I agree with the previous two answers. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 17% of Americans kids ages 2-19 are considered obese. This is causing an increase in type-2 diabetes among other health issues. I think the problem is not getting Americans to eat enough food, but what smaller quantities of food that is better for you. 

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