How are we making the alcohol industry better for the environment?



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    The simplest way to make the alcohol industry more environmentally friendly is to financially support an eco-conscious business in the industry. By supporting local businesses that offer organic products, recycle, use packaging made of recycled goods and clean energy, etc., one can contribute to making the alcohol industry better for the environment. 

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    Organic and eco-friendly alcoholic beverages are become more and more popular. The Cooper Mountain Vineyards in Oregon produce a variety of organic wines. French Rabbit wines are now packaged in Tetra– without a cork or label, these containers represent 90% less packaging. TRU Organic Vodka will plant a tree for every bottle purchased, and bottles are composed of 25% less glass. A Canadian has also found a way to use leftover vineyard grapes to produce electricity. Very cool stuff! You can check out some more ways the alcoholic beverage industry is greening up below.

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