How are we increasing the proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?



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    The primary factor contributing to the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is the combustion of fossil fuels, be it in cars, power plants, or factories. Other uses of petroleum products can also increase CO2 pollution. See the link below for more in-depth information on this type of pollution.

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    There are many activities that humans partake in that increase the proportion of carbon emissions in the atmosphere, including burning fossil fuels, producing goods in factory settings that emit greenhouse gases, leaving appliances and electronics plugged in and running for extended periods of time, and consuming meat and putting demand on the meat industry for cow products—cows produce huge amounts of greenhouse gases.

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    Every year, humans add over 30 billion tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Fossil fuels are the main contributor of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and are released every time something is burned, including cars, airplanes, and coal. Deforestation is another contributor- carbon dioxide is released from forests and grasslands when they are converted into farmland and cities.

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