How are we hurting the ocean every day?



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    As humans, we are capable of hurting the ocean in a number of ways.  Every day, tons of sewage gets dumped into the ocean which tends to kill underwater habitats.  Oil spills occur every so often that endanger marine birds and fish which can easily be prevented by better shipping regulation.  The largest overall affect we have over the ocean is our consumer lifestyle and contribution to global warming.  If we continue in the matter we have been so far, the oceans temperatures will rise to unprecedented levels- endangering the lives of us all.  Therefore, it would be exceedingly wise to take better care of our oceans. 

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    Yes humans are hurting the ocean everyday. Some things are the direct results and some things are building over time. Pollution is one of the biggest ways we are hurting the ocean. Pollution from trash, from sewers, from oil spills. There is a huge trash island known as the great pacifc garbage patch created by a gyre in the pacific ocean where currents swirl and trash builds up. Another way we are hurting the ocean is through global warming which is decreasing the oxygen levels in the ocean through temperature change and plant reactions. Also with glacier melt the salt levels of the ocean are changing at its poles.

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