How are we going to make money off of the climate bill?



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    On the whole, we probably won’t. Certain sectors, particularly the alternative energy industries, will experience excellent growth due to the climate bill. On the whole, however, switching to still relatively inefficient alternative power when it’s still more expensive than coal and oil means we’re artificially pushing up production costs for almost everything. Increasing costs always filter down to the consumers–it’s never the producing companies that absorb them. So that’s extra money out of all of our pockets. We’re also sacrificing GDP growth to some extent, although it’s hard to say how much we’re foregoing. The argument for the bill is that if we don’t act now and take the hit on our economy today, the costs associated with further climate change (rising sea levels, extreme weather, higher temperatures, water shortages, crop failures, dwindling biodiversity, etc) will be much more severe in the future.

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