How are we going to get poor nations to make green changes to their way of life?



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    In my opinion it is important to help poor nations advance economically. The problem is that if a person is worried about whether or not they can feed their children each night, they are unlikely to care about their ecological footprint. The natural progression of any nation as it becomes more economically competent is to lean towards the green. We can help speed them along a green path by offering funds or loans toward green programs or sustainable energy. Educations and funding will help them focus more on their environment.

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    Education is the best way to help developing nations to progress in ways that will not only help people survive but also help them to build a sustainable lifestyle. Agriculture is a big concern, so finding ways of water conservation, drought resistant crops and efficient irrigation systems would be a great way to help developing nations.

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    Education and accountability are the best ways to help poor nations stay green. In fact, most developing nations are relatively green in practical ways already as they have so little resources that they have no choice but to conserve. Accountability refers to the responsibility of developed nations, like the U.S. and China, to set and adhere to global standards as well as promote education and economic development in these areas. 

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    This is a really tough question.  Like littegreenbear points out, the vast majority of families don’t have the luxury to worry about environmental issues.  They are worried about the survival and wellbeing of their families first and foremost. Educational programs can help get the word out, but I honestly believe we have to worry more about very industrialized and established countries over ones in the third world.  

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