How are we getting rid of the pharmaceuticals in our drinking water?



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    Regulations for water providers have not been put in place to filter out pharmaceuticals.   It’s recommended that individuals use an at-home water filter, or better (and greener) yet….create a means to catch rainwater.  Be careful if you include your roof as part of collecting natural water, especially if you live in heavily polluted areas that will only cause further problems to your drinking water. 


    Charcoal filters remove the majority of chemical compounds, often used in home filtering system and some water treatment facilities.

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    The discovery of traces of cotinine – from nicotine products – in Lake Michigan has raised concerns about drugs being present in drinking water.  Drugs enter water sources primarily through human bowel movements and garbage disposals.  Preventative measures to control drug content in water supplies will involve upgrades to sewage treatment plants and stricter policies on disposing of medications.

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