How are we designing homes to make them sustainable?



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    Homes are designed today to be sustainable, this means there are a number of factors that have to be considered which weren’t as important decades ago. 

    According to the Code for Sustainable Homes, England’s environmental impact rating system for housing, there are 8 factors that are considered.

    These are: 

    Energy and CO2 emissions – have to meet a minimum standard of the code

    Water consumption

    Materials used – impact of construction materials for key construction elements (but there isn’t a mandatory minimum standard) 

    Waste – generated by the construction process, recycling encouraged (again no mandatory standard)

    Pollution – resulting from the operation of the dwelling (no standard)

    Health and Well-being – effects of the indoor environment on the occupants (no standard)

    Management – steps taken to allow good management of the environmental impacts of the construction and operation of the home (no standard)

    Ecology – impact on local ecosystem, bio-diversity and land use (no standard)

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