How are we being more responsible with our residential buildings?



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    There’s always power in knowledge – and as people become more knowledgeable about what goes into their housing and the environmental impact of it they are starting to look into eco-friendly measures; this includes using rapidly renewable resources such as bamboo and linoleum – increasing insulation to help increase the efficiency of the houses heating and cooling systems – and installing low flow plumbing fixtures that help to conserve water.

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    We are being more responsible with building homes and upgrading new homes. A huge industry is energy efficiency, and it is the first step in making homes more responsible. Doing your own energy audit or hiring a person to come out and audit your home’s energy is the simplest way to begin. There are also many workshops and classes out there that teach architects and builders how to incorporate renewable energy into their design of homes and buildings.

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      Incorporating the philosophy of environmental design, sometimes called “Green Building” is a design concept aimed at reducing wasted space, planning multi-use projects–thereby addressing some of the urban sprawl issues, utilizing climate for regulating indoor temperatures, incorporating recycled materials and area resources, and choosing environmentally-safe manufactured goods.  


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