How are walrus populations affected by global warming?



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    Good question, Rigobertobrewer8.  Walrus’s use sea ice as a resting platform in between their dives for food.  Because of global warming, the ice has retreated further north.  This has affected Walrus’s because they must move north with the ice, and in some cases have even abandoned their young because of it.  Unless they can adapt to their changing environment, Walrus populations will suffer.

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    Like other mammals affected by global warming, their food supply is often depleted by slight changes in weather.  Other times, the lack of ice makes for larger distances that walruses have to swim before resting.  The patches of ice are often to small for them to lie on between swimming sprints, so they ultimately die of exhaustion.  All of these factors combined take a big hit on the walrus population. 

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