How are used batteries disposed of?



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    The type of recycling depends on the particular type of battery.  For the most part, the batteries are melted and the metals and plastics can be recycled.  For more information on a particular type of battery and the process used, see this website.

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    Most type of batteries can be recycled, some more readily than others such as lead acid automotive batteries and button cells. Lead based batteries include: car batteries, golf cart batteries, UPS batteries, etc They are recycled by pounding them, neutralizing the acid and separating polymers from the lead. 90% of all lead acid batteries are recycled. Silver oxide batteries are found in watches, toys and medical devices. These batteries contain small amounts of mercury and there exists legislation to appropriate handling and disposal of silver oxide batteries to reduce the discharge of mercury into the environment.

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    You can collect your used batteries and bring them with you the next time you visit Target.  They recycle batteries for free (as would most electronics retailers), but be sure to visit the Customer Service counter to turn them in, otherwise they may not know about it.

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