How are these new green pre fab homes so eco friendly?



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    Different brands take different steps, but there are many new, green construction methods available to pre-fab architects. BluHouses outlines three main ways a house can “go green”: renewable resources, including making the houses from recycled wood, steel and plastic; energy efficiency, including insulative green walls and energy star appliances; and water conservation, including greywater and rainwater collection. Prefab housing itself is eco-friendly in many ways: it means that the green architect can be more precise in carrying out their design, hard-to-find green materials can be bought in bulk and kept at the factory, and one quick installation reduces construction, erosion and pollution. And if you want to go for extreme green, the famous Wee Houses are prefab, and take up less room than a garage.

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    It’s not only what they are made of, but also how they operate. They are made from sustainable resources such as bamboo, recycled tires, and sustainable wood. They are also placed in such a way to take use of passive heating and cooling. Further they contain energy star appliances and make use of renewable energy sources (when they can). They can also utilize rainwater collection, grey and black water recycling, green roofs, toilet composting, and more. 

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