How are some wine companies making their packaging more eco friendly?



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    Yes, some have found that there are better alternatives to glass bottle packaging. These alternatives include: Bag-in-a-box (BIB), Tetra pak, plastic bottles made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

    These options reduce the carbon foot print by weight, especially the plastic bottle, however, they still have a relatively large impact. But it is the light weight, that creates the reduction in the foot print.

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    There are also some wine companies that have begun using partitions manufactured from recycled paper.  They are made from post-consumer waste such as paper, boxes, newsprint, office paper, and water.  Chalone Wine Group is the company that has been doing this, and they send all of the office paper waste to the manufacturer.  The recycling process converts 22 pounds of paper waste into 66 sets of case partitions.

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