How are some ways that digital cameras are trying to become even more eco friendly?



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    Well, they already are more eco-friendly then film cameras, since the chemicals used to process film can be harmful to the environment if disposed of improperly. Since with digital cameras the pictures go right from the camera to the computer and can then be printed without the use of the developing chemicals, digital cameras are greener. In addition, the rechargeable batteries that most digital cameras have today are also more eco-friendly, since, compared to non-rechargeables, less of them are thrown away.

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    There are digital cameras, like the DURUS, being created with the goal of being more green. The creator of DURUS, Emi Runnquist, decided to focus on reducing the consumption of energy by using recycled material. The clear lines and visible screws make the digital camera easier to recycle and titanium has been used in the design of the camera to make it more environmentally-friendly. Runnquist says that after the DURUS digital camera has reached the end of its life (average lifespan is 5 years), the DURUS can be recycled in Sweden or fragmented in Asia.

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    Solar power chargers! Solar Style sells solar power chargers which you can use to power all your gadgets, including your digital camera. Here is a link to more information about the charger!

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