How are so called “green products” made, and are they really better than normal products?



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    Green products are made using a lot less harmful chemicals. Things that are used in green products are generally readable. Granted there are still things in some green products that may raise an eyebrow, but this depends on the company. Some green products have absolutely nothing bad in them, they will completely break down and not hurt the ecosystem, which is what we all hope for. But as we all know there is greenwashing out there, you must remain ever-vigilant. Like when shopping for food because despite what the front of the box says you have to find out what is actually in it by looking at the back, the same process is necessary for finding a decent green product. Often the quality or effectiveness is not as good when compared to the chemical products which makes sense because they better have existed for a reason, but is still a little disheartening. As far as them actually being any better than normal products for the environment, if they are true green products, indeed they are. Chemicals are over abundant and can seriously damage an ecosystem in a number of ways – destroying both flora and fauna.

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