How are sea lions affected by global warming?



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    Sea lions are affected to a great extent by global warming. The warming of oceans and the loss of ice contribute significantly to the noted decrease in their numbers. Sea lions need ice shelves to to bask on, mate on, and raise their pups upon. As ice melts, they cannot continue to carry out these necessary activities. Also, warmer water temperatures make sea lions more susceptible to disease and parasites.

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    Sea Lions that find their homes in colder arctic regions are greatly affected due to the change in climate. As the ice melts as global temperatures rise, many sea lions lose vast areas of their natural habitat necessary for their survival. Like jvanderlee said, as ice melts, they cannot continue to carry out activities necessary for their survival.

    For Sea Lions that live in warmer temperatures, increasing temperatures can promote the growth of bacterias in water, which could lead to many seal deaths. Water can also dry up in warmer climates, which can cause many sea lions to lose many areas of their natural habitats. Food availability may be affected due to global warming. Sea Lions may not have as much food available to them because of the change in climate.

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