how are roads bad for the environment?

what is the negative impact.



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    Roads might cut through the center of an ecosystem, causing fragmentation and disruption of the flora and fauna living there, including the people. If a location is accessible by road, it is easier to develop that region, furthering the damage to the natural homes of various species. Roads facilitate driving and the emission of greenhouse gases. Roads might be built over sensitive wetlands systems; the destruction of these may cause further problems like flooding and damage to the constructions.

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    One of the most devastating impacts of roads is the number of animals that get hit crossing them. About 400 million animals are killed on roads in the U.S. each year. Roads also fragment habitat, which means animals have to risk their lives crossing roads in order to mate or find food. Roads also mean cars, which contribute to air pollution. In addition, a lot of habitat is destroyed in making roads. 

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