How are restaurants changing to become sustainable?



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    There are organizations such as “Project Green Fork” that work to make restaurants more sustainable. This organization is in the Mid-South, but their recommendations are spreading. They suggest things like switching to sustainable products, kitchen composting, and replacing toxic cleaners with non-toxic cleaners.

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    Restaurants can support local and organic farmers and design their menus only around foods that are in season.  They can set up a full-scale recycling program to recycle packaging materials and set up procedures for waste reduction.  They can upgrade their plumbing to increase water efficiency by using low-flow fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms.  They can use sustainable furnishing and building materials.  They can use cooling units that use R-410A, a refrigerant that does not contain ozone depleting substances. 

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    They can also do simple things that any business could do such as changing their thermostat to make the restaurant a comfortable temperature, but not keeping it at 68 degrees when it is 90 outside and customers are coming in in shorts and tank tops.  As mquieb says they can use local produce, and they can compost.  For fast food places that provide take away containers and silverware, they can ensure they are recyclable or compostable.

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    They should place emphasis on the types of to-go packaging.  First of all, styrofoam shouldn’t be used.  Second, they could find other means of transporting besides plastic bags. 

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    I’ve also heard of restaurants that will let you take their food away with plates and utensils that you can later wash and return to them – what an excellent way to save from consuming unnecessary containers.

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