How are the Philippines dealing with climate change?



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    Many in the Philippines want to put together a “survival fund” to help tackle problems presented by climate change such as the heavy flooding many experienced this year.

    This year, the President also put together the Presidential Task Force on Climate Change (PTFCC) to discuss ways to deal with the changing climate. Steps to deal with the situation include identifying vulnerable areas, putting together financing mechanisms, creating climate-friendly technology, and creating social mobilization.

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    In reference to a paper that was written as part of The World Bank’s Country Environmental Analysis for the Philippines, (an effort to help the Philippino government, development partners, and stakeholders monitor and improve environmental management in the country), called “Climate Change in the Philippines: A Contribution to the Country Environmental Analysis,” the Philippines has taken strides to fight climate change since 1991.  More than half of the national territory is vulnerable to the effects of climate change, and 85% of that is vital for the country’s GDP.  While the country is not notorious for its carbon emissions, it is particularly vulnerable to the climate change that these emissions induce.  Increasing amounts and of typhoons and floods are exemplary of extreme weather that the country has been experiencing within the last 20 years, and the ferocity of this extreme weather is increasing as well. This is also attributed to the fact that the country lies within the Pacific typhoon belt, and is strongly effected by rising sea levels, as about 70% of the country’s municipalities lie along the coast.  Earthquakes and volcanic activity also leave the country vulnerable to death and destruction, as the Philippines lies on the western rim of the Pacific Ring of Fire.  For more information, I have attached the link to this paper below.


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