How are the people from storm chasers helping weather science?



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    The goal of the Storm Chasers team is to study and track severe weather patters, so as to develop better warning systems. In addition, through use of an armored vehicle, they want to film the inside of a tornado. Through collection of scientific data, they want to better understand the structure of a tornado.

    There are also those who chase storms for recreational as well as journalistic reasons.

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    The Storm Chasers TV series follows real teams of storm chasers as they follow tornadoes. Storm chasers help weather science by adding knowledge of tornadoes through video recording and firsthand experience being close to a storm. They try to meet “the challenge of weather forecasting” and “understand” a storm’s “inner workings” (1). Thus, storm chasers add to the amount of knowledge we have of storms, and the TV series spreads awareness of the career and science of studying storms.

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