how are people making money off of global warming?

do financiers invest in renewable sources of energy? (like wind and solar)



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    There is always some one trying to make the best out of a bad situation.  For example, many companies see the melting of the Arctic ice caps as a way to open new shipping lanes that can be used to increase profit.

    From another stand point, there are many who believe the idea of global warming is a hoax.  The climate of Earth naturally changes over time, and this could all be part of the natural cycle.  Some people see the theory as a way for government and corporations to scare consumers into buying their “eco friendly” products.

    The whole idea is up for debate, and there are many different view points to look at.  I, for one, don’t know the truth and would like more information before making a decision.  I do believe that we need to take more time to balance out what we take from the environment, and if the scare of global warming does that, I’m ok with it.

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