How are people able to build homemade 100 MPG cars but our car companies can’t?



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    Well, there could be a number of reasons. Backyard inventors are notorious for their ingenuity and creativity (I just spent 20 or so minutes trying to find this new book that seems really amazing and discusses the culture of small scale explorers such as those that created the hot air balloon, but I was at a loss unfortunately). They are often able to create and invent without the constraints of “regular” society, such as the need to meet certain safety standards, or use certain materials (e.g. duct tape is not off limits). The research for many large-scale projects is sometimes funded by certain groups, which expect certain outcomes (use of one type of production system, or material, or what have you). Backyard inventors are restricted to these premises, and they are allowed to use whatever they want, without having to worry about mass production or size, or many of the other technical components of vehicles.

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