How are paper towels bad for the environment?



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    Some of the problems of paper towels inculde the use of virgin pulp, the pollution of air and water, high energy use, large landfill requirements and deforestation. To keep the impact on the environment to a minimum we need to change the ways in which we view paper products and begin to reuse and recycle these produces more in an environmentally safe manner.

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    The biggest ways that paper towels hurt the environment are by deforestation and exacerbating global warming. Paper towels are made from trees. When these trees are cut down the ecology of the area they were taken from is devastated. Additionally, paper towels require energy to manufacture from the raw tree material. This energy is often provided by coal or natural gas, which release greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions contribute to global warming, which causes a wide variety of problems. Thus, we should attempt to use less paper towels if possible and buy brands that specifically use recycled paper.

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